Shark Point Dive Sites

Shark Point and A-S-K Cluster Dive Sites

To the West, from Ao Nang towards Phuket, lies an open ocean marine sanctuary that offers an amazing combination of 3 dive sites: Anemone Reef, Shark Point and King Cruiser.

We call these Krabi dive sites A.S.K. in our local community.
Anemone Reef is a small dive site, but consists out of 1 large pinnacle. As the name suggests, the top of this pinnacle, starting at about 5 meters, is covered in purple anemones. As you circle the pinnacle multiple times during your dive you will find different marine life at each depth. Look for small critters like shrimps and nudibranch in the deeper areas and circle up to find moray eels hiding in the holes. Also more rare species, like seahorses and ghost pipe fish can be found here.

Shark point is a bit similar to Anemone Reef, but a lot larger. A series of pinnacles in a North to South line that are covered in corals, from huge sea fans, to barrel sponges, to multi colored soft corals on the top. Look out for rays, squid and barracudas as you glide along pinnacles. Sometimes leopard sharks can be found resting on the sandy bottom, hence the name of this site. Definitely a favorite in our list of Krabi dive sites.

King Cruiser is one of our wrecks in our area. In May 1997, this ferry drove into Anemone Reef and started sinking slowly. Fortunately all passengers were unharmed, and the dive community was blessed with this new wreck. Over the years most of the areas have collapsed, so swimming in is not possible anymore. However it still makes an amazing dive, with an abundance of marine life and some interesting sights of the wreck itself. The top of this wreck starts at about 14 meters, so this dive is only for Advanced Open Water Divers and beyond.

Due to the open ocean location, we can only dive here when conditions allow.

These dives are considered more advanced, given the depth and frequent strong currents. As a result, these sites necessitate ideal conditions for diving and are therefore not part of regular trips, but are arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Passengers are welcome, but this area is not suitable for snorkeling or swimming.
For this trip there is no additional charge for National Park fees.

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Shark Point

Maximum Depth : 25 metres

Site Type : Reef


Three pinnacles to discover.

Look out on the sandy bottom for Kuhl’s and blue spotted stingray sand there are leopard sharks if you are fortunate enough to see them.

When you follow the pinnacle round to the West side then it turns in to a wall where there are lots of banded cleaner shrimps, Durban dancer shrimps and ornate ghost pipefish.

Anemone Reef

Maximum Depth : 25 metres

Site Type : Pinnacle Reef


This site is a pinnacle starting from 5 meters going down to 25 meters and the site also has a sloped channel at the South of the pinnacle.

On the left, West side it slopes down to a sandy bottom and on the East side is a wall going down to sandy bottom but the main attraction is the anemones, also great for photography with all the sea fans and soft corals.

Anemone reef’s name in Thai is ‘Hin Jom’ and this dive site is a fish lovers dream.

King Cruiser Wreck

Maximum Depth : 40 metres

Site Type : Shipwreck


Dive on the greatest wreck.

In 1997 a huge passenger ferry heading to Phi Phi Islands hit Anemone Reef and sank down. Later it became a popular dive site for all wreck divers.

After years of lying in the rich marine environment, King Cruiser has become a sanctuary for small fish, soft corals, moray eels and scorpion fish.

The craft rests upright in 30 meters of water on a sandy silt bottom. The top of the wreck levels out around 10 meters below the surface but it is regarded as a dive for experienced divers because of the local hazards.

For dive trips to A.S.K. please contact us for information and dates.

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