Here you find a price list to all our services, from our PADI diving courses to diving day trips to package prices for our upcoming PADI IDC programs. All the prices are in Thai Baht.

National park fees are excluded from trip and course prices and are currently 600 THB for divers (per day out on the boat) and 400 THB for non divers.

PADI diving courses

Discover Scuba Diving in the pool only, half day
1,500 THB

Discover Scuba Diving, On board full day program (must be comfortable in water), 2 dives, no pool
4,900 THB

Discover Scuba Diving pool + 2 Dives in Phi Phi islands, 1 and half day
5,800 THB

Refresher, half day, pool only
1,500 THB

Refresher, pool + 2 dives Phi Phi, 1 1/2 day
5,400 THB

Refresher, 2 dives Phi Phi, day trip only
4,900 THB

Scuba Diver, 2 days
Big boat 10,900 THB

Open Water Diver, big boat to Phi Phi islands, 3 days
14,500 THB

Open Water Diver referral
4 dives 9,800 THB / 2 dives 4,900 THB

Scuba Diver upgrade to Open Water
10,400 THB

Adventure Diver, 3 dives
8,500 THB

Advanced Open Water Diver, 2 days
12,500 THB

Emergency First Responder, 1 day
4,900 THB

Rescue Diver, 2 days
10,900 THB

EFR + Rescue Diver, 3 days
14,500 THB

Dive Master, 2 weeks to 3 months
Starts at 30,000 THB (Study materials NOT included).
With PADI eLearning® discounts are available. Contact us!)

Courses include equipment, study materials, insurance (Open Water Diver and Discover Scuba Diving only) and full service boat trips.

National park fee of 600 THB per diver per day is excluded from course prices.


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PADI Specialties

Multilevel, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, Night  Diver, Search & Recovery, Wreck Diver.
12,500 THB, 2 days

Peak performance Buoyancy
8,500 THB, 1 day

U/W photography
9,500 THB ( with PADI eLearning® -2,000 THB),  1 day

U/W Naturalist, Boat Diver, Drift Diver, Fish ID
8,500 THB,  1 day

NITROX Enriched Air specialty
8,500 THB, 2 dives, 1 1/2 day  ( with PADI eLearning® -2,000 THB) /  4,900 THB, dry, 1 day

Oxygen Provider
Price 4,400 THB, no diving, 1 day

Project AWARE
Price 4000 THB, no diving, 1 day

SPECIAL OFFER ! Do 5 PADI specialties with us and get the Oxygen Provider course FREE !!!
(course only, certification fee and student materials not included)


Diving day trips

Local islands, 2 dives
Longtail boat 2,500 THB (minimum 2 persons) / Big boat 3,400 THB

Phi Phi islands, 2 dives
3,800 THB

Phi Phi islands, 3 dives
4,700 THB

Shark Point area, 3 dives
4,700 THB

Shark Point area, 2 dives (no wreck dive for OW divers)
3,800 THB

Shark Point area passenger (no snorkelling advised)
1,700 THB

Koh Haa Yai, 2 dives, Thursdays only from December 1 - March 30
6,200 THB, incl. national park fees


Private guide / Divemaster
1,500 THB

250 THB per tank

Passenger only
1,700 THB

1,700 THB + 1,000 THB for guide. The guide price will be divided over the total amount of snorkelers in your group.
For example 5 snorkelers = 1,700 THB + 200 THB = 1,900 per person

Discount -300 THB if you have your own equipment

National park fees are excluded from trip prices and are currently 600 THB for divers and 400 THB for non divers.

All trips include equipment and full service boat trip. Fun divers are strongly advised to have valid diving insurance. This can also be purchased through us for 200 THB per day.

Contact us!

All boat trips with courses and booked as separate day trips include transfers, lunch, soft drinks, hot drinks, water and snacks.
If you have your own equipment, discounts apply for every item owned. Please ask.

PADI Instructor Development Course

Please look here for schedules and dates.