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Krabi Dive Sites

Dive Sites

The Andaman coast on the West coast of Thailand is dotted with islands and numerous towns from which diving is possible. Right here in Ao nang, Krabi, we are in an ideal location to take you to some of our best Krabi dive sites with our daily dive trips. Right of the Ao Nang coast we have multiple little islands that are home to some very interesting marine life. And at the horizon you can see the famous Phi Phi islands that are home to many more dive spots. The unique and stunning scenery makes this place an amazing destination, above and below the surface.
Moving West, away from Ao Nang towards Phuket, we have a few more dive sites in our Krabi area.The Shark Point marine sanctuary consists of 3 dive sites: Anemone Reef, Shark Point and King Cruiser. Hence we like to call this area A.S.K. 

Below you find some more details about our Krabi dive sites.

Phi Phi Islands

About 60 km from Ao Nang, you will find the Phi Phi Islands. This is the most visited area of all our Krabi dive sites. Around the 2 islands, that make up for the Phi Phi Islands, you wil find about 20 dive sites. From very easy, shallow, sloping reefs to steep walls. A great variety of marine life can be found in this area, from tiny nudibranch to black tip reef sharks. Also, in recent years, a decommissioned navy vessel was deliberately sank off Phi Phi Ley. It has been attracting a lot of marine life ever since, and is now one of the few wrecks located within our Krabi dive sites area.
Away from the 2 main islands there are a few more unique dive sites where bigger animals like leopard sharks and even whale sharks are spotted on occasion.
Our dive trips to Phi Phi are full day excursions. Along the way you will pass many more beautiful islands, so the trip is all but boring. Even passengers that not intend to dive can have a great day out joining our Phi Phi dive trips.
Most of the dive sites that we visit are also suitable for snorkelers. The reef at most dive sites is easily visible from the surface and many animals can be spotted while snorkeling. Even the occasional black tip reef shark.  

Phi Phi Islands is a (marine) National Park, so all visitors and divers are required to pay a national park fee. This is EXCLUDED from our dive trip prices to our Krabi dive sites.

krabi dive sites phi phi

Shark Point Area

To the West, from Ao Nang towards Phuket, lies an open ocean marine sanctuary that offers an amazing combination of 3 dive sites: Anemone Reef, Shark Point and King Cruiser. We call these Krabi dive sites A.S.K. in our local community.
Anemone Reef is a small dive site, but consists out of 1 large pinnacle. As the name suggests, the top of this pinnacle, starting at about 5 meters, is covered in purple anemones. As you circle the pinnacle multiple times during your dive you will find different marine life at each depth. Look for small critters like shrimps and nudibranch in the deeper areas and circle up to find moray eels hiding in the holes. Also more rare species, like seahorses and ghost pipe fish can be found here.
Shark point is a bit similar to Anemone Reef, but a lot larger. A series of pinnacles in a North to South line that are covered in corals, from huge sea fans, to barrel sponges, to multi colored soft corals on the top. Look out for rays, squid and barracudas as you glide along pinnacles. Sometimes leopard sharks can be found resting on the sandy bottom, hence the name of this site. Definitely a favorite in our list of Krabi dive sites. 
King Cruiser is one of our wrecks in our area. In May 1997, this ferry drove into Anemone Reef and started sinking slowly. Fortunately all passengers were unharmed, and the dive community was blessed with this new wreck. Over the years most of the areas have collapsed, so swimming in is not possible anymore. However it still makes an amazing dive, with an abundance of marine life and some interesting sights of the wreck itself. The top of this wreck starts at about 14 meters, so this dive is only for Advanced Open Water Divers and beyond.

Due to the open ocean location, we can only dive here when conditions allow. Passengers are welcome, but this area is not suitable for snorkeling or swimming.
For this trip there is NO charge for national park fees.

krabi dive sites shark point
krabi dive sites king cruiser

Local Islands

Right off Ao Nang Beach you can spot the fantastic rock outcrops, providing a unique scenery of Thailand’s South. These little islands are a lesser known addition to our Krabi dive sites.
First of all, it has to be said that conditions vary a lot and that these sites usually have less visibility than, for example, Phi Phi Islands. You could say that they are our local muck diving sites. A lot of unique marine life can be found here, that is not often found around Phi Phi. Macro photographers are probably very happy here, with lots of different nudibranch, shrimps and even frog fish hiding around the reefs. Other animals like bamboo sharks and a variety of seahorses, can make these dives very rewarding for muck divers.
The dives are quite shallow, with many areas not going beyond 18 meters. Some of the islands have caverns, caves and swim throughs, and a few small small walls.

So if you don’t mind lower visibility, or if you are interested in muck diving, then these sites might be a nice alternative to our further away areas. The local islands can be reached within 45 minutes, so diving days usually end early afternoon.

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